About Us

Who We Are

The Society is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors composed of concerned individuals from the community. All agency programs are staffed by qualified and caring personnel who bring a variety of gifts and personal strengths to their work. Many of our staff were born and raised in the area and have deep roots in the community. The participants in our programs have a variety of needs ranging from intellectual disabilities to other physical and developmental challenges.

Our primary funding agency is the Ministry of Social Services through the Community Living Service Delivery [CLSD]. In addition to municipal codes, we are subject to Provincial Licensing and Service Quality standards. We also have approximately 6 residents funded by their respective Bands through Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada [INAC]. We are part of a larger community through our membership with the Saskatchewan Association of Rehabilitation Centers [SARC]. We enjoy supportive working relationships with community and provincial agencies such as Kin Enterprises Inc. and Prince Albert Supported Employment [PASE].

What We Believe

We believe in the dignity and unique worth of each individual. We are committed to assisting each participant within our programs in reaching their highest potential and living as independently as possible.


Our mission is to provide adults with intellectual disabilities person centered support, care and services that improve their quality of life and promote full citizenship in our community.


People pursuing dreams, achieving goals, and celebrating life in community.

Core Values


We affirm the uniqueness and inherent value and worth of all persons including the right to be treated with dignity and respect.


We are committed to ensuring that all of our facilities, programs and services, provide for the safety and well-being of our participants and staff.


We affirm the fundamental right of all persons to exercise choice and make decisions affecting their lives.


We affirm that all Canadian citizens share equal rights, privileges and protections afforded by law.


We affirm that all persons are equal and valued members of our community and should enjoy equal access to resources and opportunities for: recreation, education, transportation and employment.


We believe that people need to be nourished physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually and spiritually; and that personal growth, happiness and self-expression are enhanced within a network of supportive relationships.


We commit ourselves to maintaining the highest ethical standards of honesty and transparency in all our affairs.



The Prince Albert Group Homes Society [PAGHS] came into existence on October 11th 1973. The original founders were a group of concerned parents who saw the need for residential and community based supports. Their vision to provide quality, caring residential and developmental services to individuals with mental and physical challenges soon became a reality. The Society was incorporated under the Non-Profit Societies Act and has been providing residential, respite and independent living services to individuals and families ever since.

Homes were purchased and a client list was established. Over the years the programs and services PAGHS offers evolved as new situations arose. Today the society operates twelve residential programs for 48 residents and employs over 90 staff. In addition, the Society operates a Supported Independent Living Program that provides individual and group supports for up to 25 people living in the community.