A Place To Belong





The Prince Albert Group Homes Society has been providing residential care & services since 1973. We presently run twelve residential programs with nine individual day programs. The participants in our residential programs are all individuals with their own unique personality and charm. Our clients also come with a variety of intellectual and physical impairments. Some of our clients are autistic while others are affected by Epilepsy, Down’s Syndrome, Rhett’s Syndrome and a variety of other developmental disabilities.

Currently we operate 12 homes in the City of Prince Albert.

Each home provides the client:

  • A shared residence with 1 to 5 other people
  • 24 hr support staff
  • A warm friendly environment that is their home
  • Quality medical care and personal assistance according to their needs
  • Opportunities to attend community based day programs and engage in a variety of activities during their leisure time

Our staff contributes:

  • Caring professional services
  • Their own unique mix of gifts and abilities
  • Creativity and innovative ideas to improve our overall service quality
  • Fun and energy into each home to sustain a positive nurturing environment
  • Valuable input to PAGHS management to improve employment practices and policy
  • That mysterious “x” factor, hard to define but easy to recognize because of the positive difference it makes in the lives of our clients