We Provide A Place to Belong

Prince Albert Group Homes Society manages 12 homes in our mission to provide adults with intellectual disabilities

person-centered support, care and services that improve their quality of life and promote full citizenship in our community.&nbsp


The Prince Albert Group Homes Society is a network of caring people comprised of families, employees, participants and volunteers. What unites us all is the conviction that all people regardless of abilities, are uniquely deserving of love, care and support and should be treated with dignity and respect. Over the years we have grown and our services have expanded but what has not changed is our commitment to these unchanging truths.

The Society is also a registered non-profit corporation with charitable status. We have existed since 1973 when a group of concerned parents banded together to pursue their vision of a caring homelike environment for their exceptional children. From those early days when people first started to move out of an institutional setting and return to their home communities, we have been providing quality residential supports in the Prince Albert area. We now offer twelve permanent residential homes along with our Independent Living clientele. Recent innovations also include individualized programs including residential and vocational programs.

Our primary funding agency is the Ministry of Social Services through the Community Living Service Delivery [CLSD]. In addition to municipal codes, we are subject to Provincial Licensing and Service Quality standards. We also have approximately 6 residents funded by their respective Bands through Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada [INAC]. We are part of a larger community through our membership with the Saskatchewan Association of Rehabilitation Centers [SARC]. We enjoy supportive working relationships with community and provincial agencies such as Kin Enterprises Inc. and Prince Albert Supported Employment [PASE].


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide adults with intellectual disabilities person centered support, care and services that improve their quality of life and promote full citizenship in our community.


People pursuing dreams, achieving goals, and celebrating life in community.

Core Values

We believe in the dignity and unique worth of each individual. We are committed to assisting each participant within our programs in reaching their highest potential and living as independently as possible.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering at PAGHS is a great way to connect with people living and working in our homes.  You can strengthen your resume while building meaningful connections with our staff, management and residents.